An example of average male and female common birds.

Common birds, as their name suggests, are the primary and most common race in Augerna. They are found everywhere across Augerna, though they aren't native to areas that are the specific homes of another species, like the steppe to the toglaati or the island of Fa to the mariner cranes. Even though they're not natives, they've spread there regardless. Because of their tendency to travel, subsisting off of the land and blending into the background of many cultures, common birds find it very simple to learn to languages. While not the best at fighting, they go on all walks in life, and are extremely versatile. They are easily accepted by many cultures across Augerna.

Common birds come in two sub-races, which only vary in appearance. The southern variety, found mostly south of Tila, have earthy colors. The northern variety comes in all other colors, often vibrant and gaudy. This is the most varied race by appearance, coming in countless colors, plumage, and beak shapes.