Average male and female Imperal Cranes.

The founders of the Crane Empire, the original polity that united all of Augerna, the Imperial Cranes are a very refined and sociable people, convinced of their superiority after centuries of ruling over many other peoples and an entire continent. It is hard to find any part of civilization in Augerna that was not influenced by their mute and balanced aesthetic. In the 13th century, however, their rule finally ended as the Pearl Dynasty, the last great imperial dynasty of the imperial cranes, executed the prophet Jerem, sparking a revolution that ultimately toppled their empire.

Cranes themselves are a people that are adept in political measures, though they also make decent soldiers in larger numbers. The Narang Imperial Sagittariate, an elite unit of archers that served the Crane Empire, are an example that imperial cranes can manage without a numerical advantage, however. Most imperial cranes with options tend to lean to scholarly or political careers, though history has shown that they can make adept generals, as well. They largely populate the central province of Nara, where the Imperial City of Narang, the capital of the Empire, is located, though it is possible to find small populations of imperial cranes everywhere in Augerna.

Famous IndividualsEdit