1360654183.rml narang

Narang as viewed from the eastern hills.

Narang is the jewel of Augerna, the largest city in population and the capital of the entire continent for two successive millennia. First the capital of the Crane Empire, then the capital of the Augernan Khanate, and now the capital of the country of Nara, the city has been a polical center since its founding as a collection of allied villages named Na. It has been sacked several times in history, most prominently in the fall of the Crane Empire, but the city's central location in the continent and place as capital has kept it attracting people. Its culture is a cosmopolitan mix of all the peoples of the world, though few Arthollites call it home. It has the largest population of tilans outside of Tila, along with the largest amount of both kinds of serratians outside of Serratia. Though traditionally an imperial crane city, it has transformed into a sprawling mix of every type of building in every type of style over its many years of existence and prominence.


On the central hill of Narang, the Imperial Palace of both the Crane Empire and the Toglaati Khanate lies, the inhabitance of the ruler of the entire continent for two thousand years. At the foot of the central hill lies Mincheng's, a famous inn best known for being owned by a friend of the prophet Jerem and where said prophet stayed while in the city. It was one of the few buildings left completely untouched by the toglaati when the city was sacked, ordered to be left alone by Hmudyak himself. Further away from the center of the city, there is a statue of the Straw Hatted Man as an imperial crane.