Average male and female puntam serratians.

The puntam are the dominant species of serratian, outpopulating their kootje cousins by a factor of one and a half. Despite the seemingly vast differences in appearence between the kootje and the puntam, they can interbreed, similar to the mariner and imperial cranes. The puntam are a versatile and skilled people, able to live in any but the coldest and wettest environments; they spread over the continent of Serratia with their kootje cousins, giving the continent its name. There are several countries on the countinent in modern times, but the preeminent and oldest one is the Serratian Kingdom, from which the others gained independence only recently. Founded thousands of years ago, the kingdom slowly expanded by conquering its culturally and theologically diverse neighbors; instead of making missionary efforts, the young kingdom simply added the conquered peoples' gods to their own, creating the extremely polytheistic serratian religion practiced in the modern day. Similar efforts to non-serratian peoples, such as the Augernans, failed, because of the vastly different religious mindset between the races.

Physically, puntams generally have gold, tan, or white fur coloration, with stout, rounded ears and rope-like tails. They vary in build from robust to graceful, but are generally taller than their kootje cousins. Unlike them, puntam serratians possess sharp claws.