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Average male and female tilan.

Tilans are the native inhabitants of the central Augernan province of Tila, rare almost everywhere else in Augerna, though with a sizable minority in Narang. Tazimcachu, one of the largest cities in Augerna and the capital of Tila, is filled with seedy streets where you can find any pleasure of the known world for the right price. That combined with their dark feathers gives tilans the stereotype of being sneaky and untrustworthy. The culture of the tilans is exceptionally vibrant and intricate, predating even the Crane Empire, managing even to survive the culturally repressive later dynasties. As a result, tilans tend to be great entertainers, with a great cultural value for enlivening parties with music and dance.

Talunism is typically interpreted in a very unique way by the people of Tila, with a focus on rationalism and the individual. As a result, tilan monks are itinerant by nature, and shunned and despised by most other denominations. Despite this, one such figure remains celebrated by Augernans everywhere, spreading the tilan vision of Talunism out from Tila.

There is little variation in tilans, aside from eye color and slight differences in beak shape. Height and weight vary normally. They have one of the smallest populations of Augernan species, being focused in a relatively small area.

Famous IndividualsEdit