Also known as the Rope People, a literal translation of their name,

Average male and female toglaati.

the toglaat are a diverse people of nomads and tribes who inhabit the Great Steppe of eastern Augerna. They are sturdy and robust, having spent many thousands of years on horseback, ranching on the endless steppe. They were taught from birth to ride a horse, creating Augerna's and perhaps the world's largest population of skilled riders. The toglaati were an incredibly fractured people, with an endless number of tribal groups, until the head of the Tal tribe, Hmudyak, was converted by Jerem's teachings, sieging Narang and killing most of the nobility of the Crane Empire. Shortly thereafter, a mysterious man in a straw hat united the rest of the tribes under Hmudyak, who had crowned himself the Khan of All Birds. The Toglaati Khanate was founded then.

Toglaati are usually taller than tilans and common birds, but shorter than most cranes, with a range of color wider than most birds; they range from gold to brown, occasionally black, usually speckled and almost always countershaded. They have hooked bills, whilst appearing in a number of body types, resembling eagles, ospreys, and vultures.

Famous IndividualsEdit

  • Hmudyak I, first and founding khan of the Toglaati Khanate.